MTA wins Best Knowledge Supplier of the Netherlands 2019 award

22 November, 2019

MTA has been named the best industrial supplier of the Netherlands 2019 in the Best Knowledge category. An award that is fully in line with MTA’s strategy of adding knowledge as early as possible in product and production development. Patrick Geerts, Chief Commercial Officer and co-owner of MTA: “A great result. Our strength lies in connecting our mechatronic and production technical expertise with the challenges of our customers. For this we invest sustainably in a transparent customer relation

During the presentation, MTA was praised for its intense commitment to making the customer’s product a success. Thomas Paulen, CEO VanBerlo, renowned industrial design agency: “We have been working closely with MTA for 15 years. They understand the importance of a product for the end user and that you should not only go for the technically best solution. That is great and that is what makes a real partnership says VanBerlo ”.


In recent years, MTA has invested in system development expertise and works closely with its customers and technology partners. Richard van Lieshout, Chief Technical Officer MTA: “Knowledge of technological innovations is one thing. The real challenge lies in connecting system development & engineering, industrialization, production, project and supply chain management. That provides value for our customers ”.

Best Knowledge DISCA 19

The prize is one of the Dutch Industrial Supplier & Customer Awards 2019 (DISCA’19) that were awarded for the eighteenth time this year. It is an initiative of LINK Magazine in collaboration with ING and ISAH Business Software. Unique to this award is that companies have to be nominated by customers. MTA has previously reached the final and is, according to the jury, “a system supplier who is prepared to invest risk-bearing in customer development over a long period of time. The company is very well informed about various technological innovations and would like to think along with the customer from the first sketch. MTA is strong in first prototypes and series construction. “

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