SPGPrints and MTA Group develop and supply production lines for Covid-19 rapid test strips

21 September, 2020

SPGPrints uit Boxmeer en MTA Group uit Helmond zijn gezamenlijk betrokken bij de ontwikkeling en levering van 2 productielijnen voor de productie van COVID-19 snelteststrips in opdracht van een internationale farmaceutische klant.

The line has been sold by SPGPrints and will also be installed by them at the client. MTA is involved as a co-development and production partner and provides both the engineering of the system and the entire production and assembly. It is expected that millions of test strips can be produced on both production lines. In this way we jointly contribute to increasing the worldwide demand for more test capacity.

About SPGPrints

SPGPrints is a world leader in the textile, label and industrial print market. SPGPrints offers both complete printing systems and individual components, enabling them to provide total solutions for customers.

Over MTA

MTA develops and produces series-based high-tech mechatronic systems for renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), scale and start-ups in Agrobotics, Industrial 3D printing, Semicon Back-end and Packaging Automation. MTA develops together with customers, but also optimizes existing systems. She works with both local and international network partners in Europe and Asia from a sustainable cooperative relationship.

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